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Our Monday hours are: 8am - 8pm

Welcome to Abbey Lane Kennels

Abbey Lane Kennels image

For your convenience, Abbey Lane Kennels will be open throughout the entire holiday season!

Saturday December 24th (Christmas Eve) 8am-1pm  &   5pm-6pm
Sunday December 25th (Christmas Day) 8am-10am  &  5pm-7pm
Monday December 26th (Boxing Day) 8am-12noon  &  5pm-8pm
Tuesday December 27th 8am-8pm
Wednesday December 28th 8am-8pm
Thursday December 29th 8am-8pm
Friday December 30th 8am-8pm
Saturday December 31st (New Year's Eve) 8am-1pm  &  5pm-6pm
Sunday January 1st (New Year's Day) 8am-12noon  &  5pm-8pm


Worry-free Vacation for You and Your Pet

Spending a vacation worrying about your pet’s care is no vacation at all! Relax and enjoy your time off by leaving your dog or cat at Abbey Lane Kennels. Veterinarian owned and operated for over 30 years, we are located in one of the Halton regions’ last beautiful country oases that is still easily accessible to all of the GTA urban areas.

Extra Care, Lots of Attention

Today’s pet owners demand a greater level of care and attention, care and attention you’ll get at Abbey Lane Kennels. Gone are the days when your pets were left to languish without human attention. In our facility, dogs are taken to our outside runs three times a day. Our pricing structure gives you the option of purchasing extra running and play times in our exercise yard. If you don’t supply your pet’s food, we serve premium food by Medi-cal. Plus, each pet is given only filtered water while in our care.